Writing Bloc Books

Writing Bloc publishes cooperative anthologies and books by our members. Submission calls are posted on our website and on social media.

Featuring stories from: Tahani Nelson, Grace Marshall, Kendra Namednil, Susan K. Hamilton, Deborah Munro, Daniel Lee, Christopher Henckel, Michael James Welch, Evan Graham, Patrick Edwards, Peter Ryan, Mike Donald, Christopher Lee, Jason Pomerance, Durena Burns, Cari Dubiel, Becca Spence Dobias, Ferd Crôtte, Jason Chestnut, and Michael Haase.
Featuring stories from: Aly Welch, Jane-Holly Meissner, G.A. Finocchiaro, Kelsey Rae Barthel, Estelle Wardrip, Nicolina Torres, Richard Allen, Becca Spence Dobias, Deborah Munro, Jaye Milius, Mike Donald, Grace Marshall, Mike X Welch, David R. Lee, Patrick Edwards, Evan Graham, Phil Rood, S.E. Soldwedel, T.C.C. Edwards, Ferd Crôtte, Jason Pomerance, Tahani Nelson, Susan K. Hamilton, and Michael Haase.

Celia at 39 by Jason Pomerance – now available!
Grace Falls by G.A. Finocchiaro – now available!