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Why You Should Not Write a Novel for NaNoWriMo

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NaNoWriMo is Coming! NaNoWriMo is an event that keeps getting larger and more popular each and every year. And it's no wonder. There's something romantic and wonderful about writing a novel. Most of the times I've told people that I've written novels, the conversation inevitably turns toward how they have an

6 Techniques for Busting through Writer’s Block

“The subconscious mind is amazingly efficient – it wants to work your story out – and while I’ve never experienced it myself, my guess is that writer’s block is the result of the conscious mind having gotten too involved in the process.” ― Alistair Cross Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light

Five Great Reasons to Outline Before You Write

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Avoid "Permanent Writer's Block" One of the most difficult tasks concerning writing any piece of considerable length is staying organized. The typical long-form story has multiple characters and story arcs to keep track of at all times. When I ask people why they give up on their story before they finish

What I Learned From Writing A Bad Novel

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Writing a novel is like running a marathon When I tell people that I have written a novel, the response is usually positive. I like to compare the general reaction to that of telling someone you've ran a marathon. This is a fair comparison, because no one really cares about how