Privacy Policy

The Writing Bloc is committed to protecting the privacy of everyone it deals with. This privacy policy captures how we intend to do that. If you have any questions about the policy or our processes, please feel free to contact us.

To make this policy as simple as possible, we’ve organised it in the following way:

  1. Interactions: in this section, we specify what personal information we gather about you, grouped by different types of interaction (e.g. browsing the website vs. purchasing a product). For each type of interaction, we describe how the data is used.
  2. Rights: in this section, we explain what rights you have over the data we collect and how you can exercise those rights.
  3. Contact: in this section, we explain how you can contact us.

Note: wherever we refer to “the website” we mean

1. Interactions

This section explains the data we collect for each type of interaction you may have with us (e.g. browsing the website, sending us an email, purchasing a product, etc.).

1.1 Browsing the website

When you browse our website, we collect anonymous usage statistics to help run the website and community. We currently use Google Analytics to do this, but reserve the right to change to a different analytics provider at a later date. This data will only be used to analyse site traffic in an anonymous manner.

1.2 Purchasing a product

We may choose to offer products for purchase from the website. If you choose to purchase one of those products, we will capture personal information to facilitate the sale. Records of that sale must be kept for legal accounting purposes, but we will avoid capturing or keeping any information not directly related to the sale. We will never store payment credit card information.

In some cases, we will provide links to products on other sites (e.g. books for sale on Amazon). When doing so, we may choose to use a referral link that earns a commission if a purchase is made. When this happens, we receive anonymised information from the vendor regarding referred purchases, but no personal information that can identify you.

Information captured when you purchase a product or service will only be used to support the delivery of that product or service.

1.3 Subscribing to our newsletter

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will ask you for your email address and name. We will require you to confirm the email address is yours (using a “double opt-in” email). In addition to your name and email address, we will track: details of your sign-up and confirmation (to prove you registered for the newsletter), plus tracking information/statistics for newsletters you receive. This information will only be used to send you the newsletter emails you registered for and to improve the quality of the newsletter.

1.4 Contacting us

If you contact us, we will keep a record of the communications. Please do not send us sensitive personal information (especially not credit card details) by email. We will not use your contact information (or any other information you provide through this communication) for any purpose other than the subject of the communication or as agreed with you during the communication.

1.5 We don’t sell your data

We do not sell personal information, nor give it away. We take reasonable steps to ensure your data is secured. We may use third-party services to enable the services we provide, such as email newsletters. Some of these processes will require us to save personal information in the third-party service. However, we only use reputable service providers and are careful to only save the bare minimum data necessary to provide the service.

2. What are your rights?

The data we collect about you is yours. You can:

  • Request to review the data we have on you.
  • Ask us to correct the data if you find an error.
  • Unsubscribe from my emails.
  • Ask to be “forgotten”.

Note: depending on where you live, local laws may provide you additional rights which we will respect to the best of our ability.

2.1 Reviewing the information we possess

You have the right to review all personal information we have that relates to you. If you request this, we will take reasonable efforts to identify all possible personal information that could be linked to you and provide a copy of that after verifying your identity.

Note: we will not be able to provide copies of any personal information if providing you that personal information would breach another individual’s privacy. In this circumstance, however, we will be transparent and let you know the information exists and why we are unable to provide it to you.

2.2 Correcting your data

If, on reviewing your data, you find an error, you may ask us to correct the information and we will take reasonable efforts to do so.

2.3 Unsubscribe from emails

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you may unsubscribe at any time. Every newsletter we send will have an unsubscribe link included, but you may also contact us directly and we will manually unsubscribe you.

2.4 Ask to be forgotten

In some jurisdictions, this is referred to as the right to erasure. If we possess personal information related to you and you wish us to delete it, you can request to be forgotten. If you do so, we will take reasonable steps to delete all personal information we hold about you. Importantly, please note the following exceptions:

  • We are legally required to retain some data for a set period. For example, our records of sales made through the site must be retained for tax purposes. If we hold such personal information, we will not be able to delete it until the mandatory retention period expires.
  • We are unable to remove specific personal information from some backups. We keep backups of our website and some systems to help recover from disasters. Some of these backups are not stored in a way we can access, except as a full restore of the site/service when recovering from a disruption. As such, it is not possible to selectively delete data stored within those backups. However, the data in the backups is “put out of use” — we cannot access it except as described above, so your privacy is protected.
  • We must keep some data to deliver services to you. If you wish to be forgotten, but there are services we are actively delivering to you, we will be unable to delete that data unless you cancel the services. In this circumstance, we will discuss your options with you (for example, we may delete all data except that which is required for the service).

2.4.1 What’s the difference between unsubscribing from a newsletter and being forgotten?

If you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive emails. However, that doesn’t mean your details have been deleted. Your email address would still be in the database with an “unsubscribe” flag set. This helps to ensure you are not accidentally re-subscribed at a later date. If you are “forgotten”, your data is permanently deleted from our records as if we’d never collected it.

2.5 Right to restrict or object to processing

In some circumstances, you may wish us to stop using your personal information, but not delete it. If this is the case, you may contact us and we will discuss an appropriate arrangement.

3. Contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or would like to exercise any of the rights described, you can email us at [email protected]