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The Submission Period for 2020’s DECEPTION! Anthology NOW OPEN!

THE SUBMISSION PERIOD CLOSED AS OF MAY 2, 2019—STAY TUNED FOR FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK! Below is the process for the submission for your own viewing, as the process will be similar for future submission periods. Writing Bloc is taking short story submissions NOW! Writing Bloc's annual short story anthology

Free Writing Workshop Available on the Hubbub Blog

The Kickstarts! Writing Workshop is for: Reluctant writers, stumped writers, writers who think they are blocked, bored writers, writers just looking for some extra practice, even writers who don't know they are writers...yet. Kickstarts! is for any kind of writer who wants to get some words on paper! And it's FREE! Bounce on over

Why I Love Using The Hemingway Editor App

We all need an editor. Sure, asking friends or family can help, but sometimes you need an impartial set of eyes to look over your work. Having someone else to catch those simple errors or mistakes in flow is necessary for any writer. Many apps have arrived online over the

How Learning Another Language Will Improve Your Writing

Want to improve your writing? Learn another language! I know. You might be saying, "But...writing in English is hard enough. Why would I waste my time with any other language?" It's simple, really. Writing, as with any intense activity, is best performed after a good warm up. Your brain is about to