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Five Failures to Embrace When Writing Your First Draft

Stop worrying and finish your first draft This article is for all of you who are worried you might quit ...
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Whichcraft: The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Mass

Are you looking to hone your skills? The Writing Bloc team recommend some of their favorite craft books in our ...
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Twelve things to include in your book proposal

Are you querying agents or publishers and wondering what to put in your book proposal? We’ve got twelve things for ...
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What I Learned From Writing A Bad Novel

Writing a novel is like running a marathon When I tell people that I have written a novel, the response ...
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Whichcraft: Characters & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card

Are you looking to hone your skills? The Writing Bloc team recommend some of their favorite craft books in our ...
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Four Reasons Everyone Should Write Every Day

Write every day. It's in your blood. You are a writer, whether you realize it or not. You are constantly ...
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Traditional publishing vs. self-publishing

Blurring the Lines Between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing

Traditional publishing vs. Self-publishing: What is the real difference? I spoke recently on a panel on “The Art of Publishing” ...
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How a manuscript becomes a book

How a manuscript becomes a book (Traditional Publishing Edition)

How a manuscript becomes a book by Robert Batten is a refresh of one originally posted on late last ...
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Jason Pomerance mid-laugh

Interview with Author Jason Pomerance

(Read through to the bottom, where there is a link to a free novella by Jason Pomerance!) There's a novel ...
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How to destroy Writer's Impostor Syndrome

YOU are NOT an impostor! How to destroy Writer’s Impostor Syndrome!

We've all been there...Writer's Impostor Syndrome is real... You've worked hard to achieve what you have to this point as ...
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headshot of deborah munro

Interview with Deborah Munro: On writing, science, and merging worlds

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Deborah Munro, author and biomedical engineer. Deborah's debut novel Apex is currently ...
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Interview with Cari Dubiel: On Writing, Libraries, and Podcasts

Cari Dubiel has been a librarian for twelve years, and currently has her first book, How to Remember (a novel ...
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