Interview with Brian Fitzpatrick: Writing, Marketing, and Putting Yourself Out There

Today, we are fortunate to have Brian Fitzpatrick, author of the SciFi, YA novel Mechcraft, in our midst. Brian is going to talk with us today about Mechcraft, and the various techniques he's employed to get his name out there and build his audience. You'll want to stick around and

Parents Who Make Writing Work: Michael Haase

Today's parent/writer who is rocking it is Michael Haase, author of The Man Who Stole the World. Becca: What was your writing routine before having kids? Michael: I used to stay up into the wee hours of night writing to my heart's content. I'd stay up past four in the morning quite often

Parents Who Make Writing Work: Robert Batten

Today's installment of Parents Who Make Writing Work is from Robert Batten, author of Blood Capital Becca: What was your writing routine before having kids? Robert: My writing routine was inconsistent before kids. It seems counter-intuitive, but I rarely held onto a regular process for long. I think this was, at least in

Why Finding Your Audience is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do As A Writer

large audience with someone holding their hands in the shape of a heart

As a writer, you need an audience. Are you lacking confidence in your art? If so, chances are you are lacking the support of an audience. I know that hard work and patience have been driven into the ground as far as advice goes, but what is your plan if you aren't going to

6 Techniques for Busting through Writer’s Block

“The subconscious mind is amazingly efficient – it wants to work your story out – and while I’ve never experienced it myself, my guess is that writer’s block is the result of the conscious mind having gotten too involved in the process.” ― Alistair Cross Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light